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Subject: What applications support OpenDocument?

comment-form@oasis-open.org wrote:
> Comment from: tim@timwise.co.uk
> Name: Tim
> Title:
> Organization:
> Regarding Specification: opendocument
> I have a Q that may be a FAQ:
> What applications support / read the open document format. (In other words, I'm a Microsoft user have an open document file that someone sent me, what do I do?)

Wikipedia has a list:

Speaking only for myself, I can say I've been very happy
with OpenOffice.org; it's free! They're about to release a
new version in about a week, you might want to wait til then. See:

Sun's StarOffice (which builds on it) has come out and had
positive reviews.  Corel is known to be working on it for Word Perfect.

--- David A. Wheeler

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