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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: dennis.hamilton@acm.org

Name: Dennis E. Hamilton
Title: System Architect
Organization: NuovoDoc
Regarding Specification: OpenDocument 1.0

On p.179, under section 8.1.1, Table Element, section headed "Print", there is one of three the three mentions of "used/unused area."

I think this term needs to be defined more rigorously for the case of printing.

First, I am not sure that the meaning for printing is quite as simple as the case for what needs to be saved in files and what "unused area" can be omitted.  

My preceding comment on "Spreadsheets typically ..." in the beginning of 8.1 is also a concern here.  That may also be a concern for successful file saving and proper loading in a different implementation as part of an interchange, archival preservation, or collaborative work.

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