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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: dennis.hamilton@acm.org

Name: Dennis E. Hamilton
Title: System Architect
Organization: NuovoDoc
Regarding Specification: OpenDocument 1.0

On p.187, in section 8.2.1, Column Description,
under heading "Default Cell Style" there is the

"Cells without a style use this style when there
is no default cell style specified for the
cell's row *as* *well*."

I recommend deleting the "as well" just in case 
someone is misled by it.

I notice that for specifying styles for rows and
columns, a style family is always mentioned, but
not for the "Default Cell Style" that applies to
rows or columns.  Should the table-cell family 
be mentioned specifically, with reference to 
section 14.12.4, or is there not a specific 
family required for the style named in a 
table:default-cell-style-name attribute?

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