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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: aweber@novadys.com

Name: Alessandro Weber
Title: Dipl.-Kfm.
Organization: SAN
Regarding Specification: ODF standard file format

OpenIndexer 2.0 is a fulltext search engine exclusively for the OASIS OpenDocument Format.

Function of OpenIndexer 2.0: search, backup, restore and archive OpenDocument files on CD/DVD. Find documents in a second, anywhere it is, on a local disk or a network drive.

OpenIndexer supports any application which saves files in OpenDocument Format, i.e. StarOffice, OpenOffice, ajaxWrite.

Main differences to OpenIndexer 1.0:
- Windows service
- real-time update of the search engine
- search on local disks and network drives
- possibility to define specific directories to serach in
- automatic creation of electronic archives on CD/DVD
- backup & restore function

OpenIndexer captures the text content of all OpenDocuments file, i.e. OOo Writer, Calc, Impress - and also inside the text layers of Draw. Particularity of the search engine: you can save it on CD/DVD together with your files and create in this way an electronic archive on CD/DVD which you can search in from any Windows PC without installing any software.

It's freeware and works under Windows 32-bit systems. You can download it from www.san-com.net.

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