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office-comment message

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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: 1stfreddyonline@yahoo.com

 I'm really new with Web Designing. My problem is there is a network currently running in the office.
 I need to create a web page with some links only accessible to office staff. So do I need to have a
 separate server running NT and create my FrontPage and ASP files there? Or is there some way I can
 link it to one of the existing servers e.g. the exchange server? Please help and I'd really appreciate
 it if u gave me step by step guidance as I'm really new. And ones more: how can i bypass the firewall in
 my office to visit sites like http://adult-personals.swingersdate.net or
 <a href="http://adult-personals.swingersdate.net";>adult personals</a>.
 Thanks to whichever kind souls who are willing to help.

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