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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Public Comment


thank you very much for reporting these spelling errors, as well as all the 
others you have reported in the last days.

The ones you have reported the last days are already corrected in the latest 
OpenDocument draft (28). I'm currently creating a new draft (29), which with 
few exceptions (see below), includes the corrections you have reported yesterday.

Thanks again


comment-form@oasis-open.org wrote On 05/23/06 22:07,:
> Comment from: martin@is-thought.co.uk
> Name: Martin Bryan
> Title: IST/41 Secretary
> Organization: BSI
> Regarding Specification: ODF
> Yet more typos:
> P546. The following two sentences should be clarified as they do not appear to be logical: "Use ttb to print the data vertically from the left column to the bottom row of the sheet. Use ltr to print the data horizontally from the top row to the right column of the sheet." I suspect what is intended is something along the lines of "Use ttb to print the data vertically starting from the top of the left column and ending in the bottom row of the rightmost column of the sheet. Use ltr to print the data horizontally from the leftmost cell of top row to the last cell of the rightmost column of the sheet." (On a technical issue, do Japanese tables go from left to right, or from right to left? Do you need to specify direction when defining ttb? Can't it depend on the currrent writing directon?)

I agree that the two sentences are somwhow unclear. I did not change them 
OpenDocument 1.0 (2nd) draft I'm currently preparing, but I think we should 
find a better wording for the next OpenDocument release (1.1).

> General: Some but not all references to XLink are identified as references by being printed within square brackets. What determines when this entry should and should not be a reference?

I agree that we should either use XLink or [XLink] consistently, though I'm 
not sure which of the two is the better option. I therefore think we should 
correct that in the 1.1 specification.

> P647: Change "the top corner of frame" to "the top corner of the frame"
> P662: Change "three-three-dimensional" to "three-dimensional"
> P673: Section 15.36.3 ends with "See" and no reference.
> P685: Remove duplicate period at end of first para of 17.4
> P690: Why are Blowfish and CFB set in fixed width on this pages when they were in normal san serif on P685 in Point 5?

The words are set in a fixed font to indicate that they can be used as 
attribute values. We should make this clearer in the 1.1, too.
> P691: Change "16 byte" to "16-byte" (or vice versa) to make the consecutive occurrences the same.
> Here endeth the effort.
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