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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: ts@ts-cyberia.net

Re: Inconsistency in the capitalization of style names in OpenDocument Text

In most styles the first character of each word constituting a style name is capitalized (e.g., Bibliography Heading), but in the following styles only the first character of the first word is capitalized:
Complementary close, First line indent, Footer left, Footer right, Frame contents, Hanging indent, Header left, Header right, Object index 1, Object index heading, Table index 1, Table index heading, Text body, Text body indent;
Endnote anchor, Line numbering, Main index entry

For the sake of consistency they should be changed to the following respectively:
Complementary Close, First Line Indent, Footer Left, Footer Right, Frame Contents, Hanging Indent, Header Left, Header Right, Object Index 1, Object Index Heading, Table Index 1, Table Index Heading, Text Body, Text Body Indent;
Endnote Anchor, Line Numbering, Main Index Entry

Dr. Tsuguya Sasaki
Lecturer, Department of Hebrew and Semitic Languages
Bar-Ilan University, Israel
Email: ts@ts-cyberia.net
Website: http://www.ts-cyberia.net/

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