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Subject: Public Comment

Comment from: elliess2@yahoo.com

Name:Laura Salter
Title:"Grannie"  (71-year-old)
Regarding Specification:n/a
HELP!  I have all kinds of info on CD AND floppies backed up from my old computer (HP)in MS Works (97).  I also have the hard drive from that computer, mfg'd in '98.  I up-graded from WIN 98 (I don't THINK it had WIN 95 on it!) to WIN XP and, if I remember correctly, to SP2. The info on the CD backup was done by a computer-savvy friend just before I went to XP Home - - I THINK!  Anyway, when I open that cd, of course none of the folders or anything can be opened because Works isn't on the Dell Computer or the HP computer in WI.  The same with the floppies that were backed up from the old computer.  My son tried to install MY hard-drive as a slave on my daughter's HP computer but it didn't work.  She doesn't have Works on her HP; only WordPad and NotePad, as is true on the Dell computer I'm currently using here at my daughter's in CA.  I need access to my old info (.WKS, .WPD  etc.)for databases and spreadsheets (and reports typed up in the word processor) when I go back to my daughter's in WI next week.
I don't have access to much money and neither does my daughter.  She's going to nursing school.  Is it possible to retrieve my info using OpenOffice.org?    Neither of us is very computer-saavy when it comes to technical stuff, so please, please format your answers with that in mind!  And, will OpenOffice.org suffice for what she needs to do for nursing school?
Thank you so very, very much for any help you are able to give us.  By the way, she just bought her HP a couple of years ago.  Had XP Home on it @ purchase; don't THINK she's up-graded to SP2 as yet!
Sincerely, and hopefully keeping my fingers crossed - - -
Laura Salter    elliess2@yahoo.com

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