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Subject: Alternative Glyphs

The technology I'm talking about in this email is where there are multiple 
glyphs that have equal usage for an unicode-character and where the user can 
select one over the other.

This typically is the case in various non-latin scripts. But this is also 
quite common in latin scripts as well.
With advances in free software text layouting stacks fonts are also getting 
more intelligent and provide not just the normal rounded 'a' but also the 
alternatively shaped one. Similar for the g where there is the normal one 
with the single arc at the bottom and there is another 'g' with a closed 
semi-circle below the baseline.
Other examples are fonts that ship capitals, but also low-caps glyphs as well 
as numerals (1, 2, 3) and their low-caps versions (where for example the 3 
dives below the baseline).

With fonts shipping alternatives there is a less clear mapping of unicode-char 
to glyph.  It becomes a 1-n relation.

What I would like to see is that ODF provides support for those alternatives. 
Each character that chooses to instead be displayed as an alternative glyph 
should have that marked somehow.

Suggestions? Questions?
Thomas Zander

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