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Subject: [formula] Comments on SUBSTITUTE()

Section 6.19.20 of the OpenFormula specification covers SUBSTITUTE().

I am concerned that the optional argument (Which) reflects oocalc and 
gnumeric, but not excel or kspread (which say "number of replacements")

As an example, the test case from the spec that looks like:
produces 121ab12 with oocalc and gnumeric, but 1ab1ab12 with kspread.

Also, the test cases should include a case which has "Which" < 1, for example
Expression: =SUBSTITUTE("Hello"; "H"; "J"; 0)
Result: Error
Level: 1
Comment: Which cannot be less than 1.

Also, there is a typo: occurance should be occurrence.


BTW: Can I get a confirmation that someone is reading these comments?

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