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Subject: Points are integers in ODF, but floating-point in SVG

To the technical committee,

Section 9.2.3 in OpenDocument-v1.1-cs1.odt says that the draw:points attribute 
stores a sequence of points, which are connected by straight lines. Each 
point consists of two coordinates. The coordinates are separated by a comma 
and the points are separated by white spaces.

Looking closer at section 16.1,  points are defined as
<define name="points">
	<data type="string">
		<param name="pattern">-?[0-9]+,-?[0-9]+([ ]+-?[0-9]+,-?[0-9]+)*</param>

The pattern does not allow the decimal point, so all coordinates are integer.

I just wish to point out that SVG allows points to be integer as well as 
floating point. See http://www.w3.org/TR/SVG/shapes.html#PointsBNF

The same problem applies to the viewBox attribute. The SVG spec doesn't 
specifically say in the DTD that the values in the viewBox can be floating 
point. It just says in the text that they are four numbers. But 'number' is 
defined in the DTD as floating point.

Additionally, OpenOffice.org uses floating point points, and therefore is 
invalid ODF.

I don't know who needs to take action on this issue, so I'm posting it here.

There are other issues that the committee should be aware of. In section 
9.3.10 there is a reference to an svg:points attribute, but this attribute is 
nowhere defined in the RelaxNG schema.

Sincerely yours
Søren Roug
European Environment Agency

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