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Subject: RFE: Colour space capability within OpenDocument

(Just as an aside: is it possible for someone to outline the process by
which comments on this list are considered by the TC, so that I might
follow future discussion on specific features?)

The OpenDocument specification references colours in a number of ways
and places, unexhaustively:

      * 15.4.3 Color, which references XSL 7.17.1;
      * the color datatype defined to be #\hex{6} within the RelaxNG;
      * 13.1.4 Animate Color;

Currently, colour management is a real problem - particularly for
high-end or professional printing - since the format is only aware of
colour specified as RGB, and doesn't specify a colour space.

13.1.4 is notable for mentioning a HSL colour model, although obviously
it's not that relevant to printing, but everywhere else assumes RGB.
This causes a number of problems that I hope can be fixed in the future.

In particular, the following features would be extremely useful:

     1. ability to specify colours in terms of CMY, CMYK;
     2. ability to specify an RGB colour space (e.g., sRGB) for
        conversion purposes;
     3. ability to load images etc. in formats such as CMYK, and retain
        RGB conversions for future use (that is, for RGB display
        purposes), since different applications will convert them
        differently (or be unable to convert them);
     4. support for ISO 15076 (ICC Color Profiles) - see, e.g., the work
        in CSS3: http://www.w3.org/TR/css3-iccprof;
     5. some degree of support for Pantone(?)

While it's not terribly necessary that applications be able to do
reasonable conversions, it is absolutely key that images / colours set
in CMYK get passed through without being touched so that, for example,
output to PDF works.

I have little confidence that 5) above is possible per se, although it
would be useful to be able to mark a certain colour reference as being a
particular Pantone colour, even if the colour isn't close.

3 & 4 I see as less important; where conversions occur, it would be good
to have them "saved" for consistency (without getting rid of the non-RGB
original!), but to a large extent that can be mostly left up to
applications. OpenDocument might simply advise on best practice.

Many thanks,


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