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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Support for overlined text in ODF

Hi Patrick,

Thanks for your kind remarks!

There were three reasons why I didn't think using the font-face overline
attribute was the correct solution. Firstly, I assumed (perhaps wrongly)
that the intended use of this attribute was to describe features built
into the font face, and hence using it to describe a text style would
be subverting its intended purpose. Secondly, the font-face overline
attribute does not support a range of overline options (including, as
you rightly identify, the ability to specify whether the overline should
continue over white space). Thirdly, both underlining and strikethrough
can be represented as either font-face or text style attributes, and I
would like to handle overlining in a consistent manner.

Whilst the limitations imposed by the existing support for underlining
would not be an issue for my purposes (technical documentation), I
would prefer not to restrict the options in the enhancement I am making
to OOo, as other users may need more control over the overline style.

Best regards,


Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Martin,
> Great example of how to make a request for a feature.
> I particularly liked your rationale section.
> When you said that ODF support overlining as a font attribute I take it 
> that does not satisfy the need to overline non-continguous strings of 
> text? That is there is not overline for a spacing character in most fonts.
> Hope you are having a great day!
> Patrick

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