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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Re: Unit system tracking

"Leonard Mada" <discoleo@gmx.net> wrote on 06/11/2007 12:01:11 AM:

> Well, the fact that Sun calls FORTRESS a next generation programming
> language should be considered as a strong sign of its utility. That
> said, I (as a researcher) really miss this automatic unit
> conversions. In my primary work I miss this feature, too (the money
> extension - both static and dynamic). I have some further ideas
> about currency conversions and if someone is interested I would be
> happy to share them.

Yes and no.  Sun appears to have a vested interest in FORTRESS.  In any
case, the page to which you refer is mostly "promotional".  Are there any
other implementations of the fortress language or is sun co-developing the
reference implementation and the specification.  Ten years from now,
fortress may be the java of hpc, but now...probably a little early to say.

This may be a distraction.  Units of measure can be added without adopting
conventions from any particular programming language.


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