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Subject: introduce UOML TC and an invitation to join our meeting

Dear Sir or Madam:

My name is Allison Shi, am a member of OASIS UOML TC which started 
running early this year. We just had our 5th meeting two weeks ago. Here 
I like to give you a brief introduction about our UOML, and invite 
anyone who are interested in joinning our meeting. The meeting usually 
holds in the third week of each month.

UOML is short for Unstructured Operation Markup Language; it describes 
an interface for digital document, including protocols, schemas, data 
formats and their encoding. We consider UOML to digital documents the 
same way as SQL to database. SQL’s development and implementation had 
helped database industry getting rid of the complicated operations, 
allowed different companies using SQL to operate data which stored in 
database. UOML is able to play the same role to the overwhelming 
unstructured digital documents. In order to reach our goal, we need help 
from all the people, especially Open Document society, because UOML and 
ODF can compliment each other.

UOML and ODF are both standards for unstructured digital document, but 
they focus on different sectors. ODF describes documents before publish, 
and UOML describes published document. ODF is a formatting standard to 
document before it published, it deals with single document; UOML is an 
interface standard to operate documents database, organize and manage a 
bunch of documents. Therefore UOML and ODF can be reciprocal to each 
other for unstructured digital document’s interoperability.

Furthermore, UOML can be the solution for people using Microsoft Word 
and ODF to exchange documents. For example, using Microsoft Word with 
the help of a free UOML writer, user can save the document to an UOML 
file type. An OpenOffice.org based word processor, which also support 
UOML, such as Redflag’s RedOffice 
(http://www.ch2000.com.cn/english/index.htm) can fully access this 
document, add and comment on it.

We are a huge fan of Open Document Format, and knowing each of you guys 
is the true force behind opening standard; we would like to seek your 
help to reach our goal. If you have any more questions regarding UOML, 
please feel free to send me emails or login to OASIS website UOML TC 
site: http://www.oasis-open.org/committees/tc_home.php?wg_abbrev=uoml or 
UOML Alliance website: http://www.uoml.org/.

Thanks for your time, and have a good day. Anyone who like to join our 
next phone meeting, please let me know so I can arrange for you.


Best regards,


Allison Shi

International Group

UOML Business Partnership Division

Tel: +86 (10)82331166 ext. 1311

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