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Subject: 2.3.1 Text Documents Content Model - quantifier foroffice-text-content-main


I've been reading the OpenDocument Specification (both v1.0 and v1.1).

In the Section 2.3.1, should the quantifier for "office-text-content-
main" appearing in "office-body-content" be "optional" or 'exactly one' 
rather than "ZeroOrMore" which is defined in the spec?

I think so because "office-content-main" defines apparently appropriate 
multiplicity of two content models. (Needless to say, one is a sequence 
of any number of "text-content"s and the other is a "text-page-sequence" 
followed by zero-or-more "draw-a"s and "shape"s.), and mixture usage of 
these two models seems not to be allowed as far as I read in the 
document paragraph of Sec. 4.2 "Page Sequences." 

Masayuki Kozawa

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