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Subject: RE: [office-comment] OpenDocument-v1.2-draft6.odt / Par. 1.5 page 39 preservation arbitrary element content from should to shall

As far as I understood Timo Hartong's request, he was only talking about unknown elements inside the <office:meta> element. This is a somewhat easier proposition, because the specification only talks about unknown elements. Unknown attributes are not allowed on known elements, and therefore you e.g. don't get into problems when you merge two elements.

I have sympathy for Timo's request. I myself find it annoying that OOo doesn't preserve e.g <dc:publisher> under <office:meta>.

Note: I'm not otherwise involved in the ODF standardisation process.

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|| Let's assume that I modify the file, say adding a few 
|| paragraphs to the 
|| end and then want to save the file, that is to write back out an ODF 
|| format file.

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