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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Change Tracking issue

Hi Patrick,

Patrick Durusau wrote:
> Leonard,
> Leonard Mada wrote:
>> Hello,
>> ...
>> A possible solution is an option that requires that all tracking 
>> changes are deleted IF a document is saved with a different name. 
>> This should be set by default.
> Interesting suggestion but what if I want the tracking changes even if 
> the document is saved with a different name?

Hmmm, ... unckeck option?

IF a file get renamed, then the (OOo) package should ask, IF all 
metadata should be stripped away or kept in the new document. Just my 
> One of the changes that will be introduced for metadata in ODF 1.2 is 
> the ability to have asynchronous metadata for an ODF document. That is 
> you and I can maintain separate metadata for the same document, say in 
> a contract negotiation situation.

Interesting point, but I have some trouble understanding how this will 
work in practice, e.g. when renaming/moving the document. This poses 
some of the problems that are touched also in one of the issues I posted 
on the OOo Bugzilla (see Automatic Backup Repository,  

> While we enable that capability by a specified binding mechanism 
> (metadata manifest file) we do not specify how any particular 
> application would in fact implement that capability. ODF is a document 
> markup format and not an application specification, although we do 
> walk a fine line between those two at times.

Indeed, I do not know, IF this feature needs to be specified inside the 
ODF-document (BUT some implementation details  mentioned in the 
'Automatic Backup Repository' might be well suited for mentioning here).

And finally, I wish all a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.



> Hope you are having a great holiday season!
> Patrick

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