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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: list of suggestions

"David King" <openoffice@drking.plus.com> wrote on 04/23/2008 02:03:08 PM:

> ODFF draft spec: 
> I contributed some suggestions/bug reports here at the end of 
> last year. I know it's unlikely that anyone will get round to 
> doing much about it (my previous suggestions have still not made 
> it onto the to-do list as far as I can tell), but nevertheless 
> I've collected these suggestions/bugs from reading the Dec07 
> draft:

Hi David,

Thanks for the additional comments.  Believe me when I say we're not 
ignoring comments.  We're just slow to respond. 

I've transcribed all public comments into a spreadsheet, which you can see 

As you can see, we've captured your three comments from December 27th and 

As we finish up feature work on ODF 1.2, the ODF TC has recently started 
processing the public comments, in chronological order.  You'll start 
seeing the results soon, in new drafts of ODF 1.2 and (if applicable) in 
ODF 1.0 errata documents.

Thanks again for your detailed corrections.

Rob Weir
ODF TC Co-Chair

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