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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: list of suggestions

Hello list members,

David King wrote:
>> Thanks for the additional comments.  Believe me when I say we're not 
>> ignoring comments.  We're just slow to respond. 
> :) OK. Thanks for the link - obviously I'd looked in the wrong 
> place.
> While writing may I add to the list:
> TRIMMMEAN page 379
> * "Let n denote the number of elements in the data set" - that's 
> too vague - does it mean elements including or excluding non-
> numbers/blank cells? Calc ignores non-numbers. 
> * CutOff will always be positive - why not use INT rather than 
> FLOOR in the formula for clarity?
> * "Calculates the mean of a data set's fraction" - doesn't 
> describe the function to me - how about "Returns the mean of a 
> data set, ignoring extreme values" or "Returns the mean of a data 
> set, ignoring a proportion of high and low values"?

How about:
... calculates the mean for the inner set of data after removing  the 
lower x% and upper x% from the original data set.



> I'll save any other comments and post as a block again.
> D

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