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Subject: ODF and Intelligence Community Information Security Markings

[resending to the comment list, since Brian's email address bounces]

Hi Brian, 

I'm Co-Chair of the OASIS ODF Technical Committee.  We received a public 
comment from you some time ago regarding  Intelligence Community 
Information Security Markings and ODF. 


As we are finishing up our ODF 1.2 work we are going back to our public 
comments and seeing which ones we can address in this release. 

Since ODF is a general purpose office file format, suitable for many uses 
and for many countries, we are unlikely to add specific industry-oriented 
markup into the standard.  But for such vertical applications we have been 
adding a variety of extensibility and enhanced metadata features that 
should allow the integration of other markups into ODF.  One possibility 
is that the ODF TC publish a series of "best practice" guides for how ODF 
interoperates with specific other markups like ICISM. 

So, if this topic is still of interest to you, let me know.  And in either 
case, if you could send me a link to some overview material on ICISM, I'd 
greatly appreciate it.  For example, I'd like to know whether this is this 
a document format?  Or is it a set of annotations that can be added to any 
XML document?   



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