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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Cooperative stance?

"MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given)" <eb2m-mrt@asahi-net.or.jp> wrote on 
05/06/2008 09:23:44 PM:

> Dear the ODF TC,
> ODF 1.0 does not correctly use "RELAX NG DTD Compatibility", which 
> is a committee specification of the OASIS RELAX NG TC.  This problem 
> was pointed out by Alex Brown [1] and he kindly gave a fix.  As 
> an expert of RELAX NG, I believe that he did point out a problem 
> of the RNG schema of ODF 1.0 and that his fix is reasonable. 

Hello Murata-san, 

Yes I believe we all know who you are.  We've received your reports of 
editorial errors posted to this list, and I believe that our editor, 
Patrick Durusau has been in contact with you regarding our efforts to 
resolve them.  We are also familiar with your concerns with IRI's verus 
URI's, from the last time you threatened to vote against ODF, back in 
2005.  It is always good to hear from you again.

If you or Mr. Brown would like to submit a defect report on this "RELAX NG 
DTD Compatibility" issue, then we would welcome it.  This can be done via 
a post to this comment list, with the contents of your comment, as you 
have done this before.   A mere blog post does not comply with the OASIS 
IPR requirements for public comments, nor is it sufficient for an SC34 
defect report, at least not the last time I checked. 

As of today, the OASIS ODF TC has received no official defect report on 
this issue, though of course we are aware of the controversy indirectly.

Further, if you, or Mr. Brown, decide to submit a defect report, then it 
would be most appreciated if either of you could confirm that the fix 
actually works.  When I applied those changes to the ODF 1.0 schema, the 
jing errors still occurred.

Another option, if you are still an OASIS member, is to join the ODF TC. 
Then you can contribute defect reports more directly.  I know that our 
meeting time would make meeting attendance difficult from Japan, but this 
is not necessary in order to participate on the mailing list.

If you do decide to submit a defect report via the above process, then you 
will get a quick, respectful response from the TC.  However, speaking for 
myself, personally, not speaking for OASIS or the ODF TC, if you post an 
inflammatory blog post full of technical inaccuracies and results of 
biased testing procedures, and then encourage the press to write stories 
about it, then you will get quite a different response from me.

Kind regards,

-Rob Weir

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