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Subject: RE: [office-comment] OpenDocument 1.2v7-02: Table of Contents - Translatability

To clarify, Item (5), I meant in terms of its usability as a table of
contents by someone who doesn't already understand the standard well enough
to recognize the element names, especially when they are not native English
speakers.  I would hope that the TOC be translatable and the fact that
element names are not translatable strikes me as an impediment if headings
are solely element names.

 - Dennis

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From: Patrick Durusau [mailto:patrick@durusau.net] 
Sent: Sunday, May 18, 2008 07:31
To: dennis.hamilton@acm.org
Cc: ODF Comments List
Subject: Re: [office-comment] OpenDocument 1.2v7-02: Table of Contents

Dennis E. Hamilton wrote:
[ ... ]
> 5. Finally, this is awful when the specification is translated to another
> language.  It would be great if the TOC could be translated too, and use
> these names won't really permit that. 
Actually #5 doesn't seem like an issue to me. The element names are 
never translated since that is what appears in the schema and in the 
document instance.

[ ... ]

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