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Subject: 9.4.5 Objects (OpenDocument-v1.2-v7-02)

Hi all,

Even though the section about object embedding in ODF has changed quite a
bit, I think it still needs some improvement.

*1. (*
I can see that the section qualifying what "OpenDocument" representation"
means has been removed. I would like to have that section put back since it
is not completely clear what the term covers.

*2. (*
I think the section regarding the difference between binary- and XML-data
needs some clarification too. Even though all files are essentially
"binary", certain files are not traditionally considered "binary". These
include XML-files, CSV-files, TXT-files etc.

(This request is mostly of an educational nature.)

Please remove any possible confusion about how to embed e.g. an TXT-file in
an ODF-document. As I read the specification, I would embed it using the
<draw:object-ole>-element since a TXT-file is not an OpenDocument file nor
an XML-file. However, the spec only lists OLE-files as examples of binary
files and I fear it could cause confusion amongst developers.

*3. (*
The text describing referencing an embedded object is confusing. It says

"The xlink:href attribute references the sub package of the object. The
object is contained within this sub page exactly as it would as it is a
document of its own."

If I look at how OpenOffice.org implements this, the section really means

"Take the ODF-package and unzip it. Then remove the manifest as well as
mimetype-declaration. Put what is left in the package and store it all
including binary elements like pictures etc in the main ODF-package. Move
all entries in the now-removed manifest to the primary manifest-file. In
addition, specify the media-type of the sub package in the primary manifest"

If this interpretation is correct, similar text should be included to avoid

Also, there seems to be a defacto-requirement to have embedded stand-alone
XML-files conform to the package structure of ODF itself as well. When
embedding e.g. a MathML-fragment in an ODF-package, OpenOffice.org seems to
require the XML-file to be named "content.xml" - thereby conforming to the
naming requirements in section "2.2.3 Root elements". However I see no clear
indication in ODF that this is in fact a requirement, but if this was the
intended behaviour, the text should describe this requirement as well.

Thank you,

Jesper Lund Stocholm

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