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Subject: Issue with name-clash in automatic styles and common styles

I am reading OpenDocument-v1.2-v7-02.odt

Section 15.2.1 states:

"The |<office:styles>|, |<office:automatic-styles>| and 
|<office:master-styles>| elements each must not contain two styles with 
the same family and the same name."

In my opinion, the specification should also say that it is not legal 
for <office:styles> and <office:automatic-styles> to contain two styles 
with the same family and name between them. Consider someone who has 
named his common style "P1" in OpenOffice.org. The spec would allow:|

    <style:style style:name="P1" style:family="paragraph" ...

    <style:style style:name="P1" style:family="paragraph" ...

<text:p text:style-name="P1">On the...</text:p>

Which P1 style is the one to apply?

Another issue also found in paragraph 15.2.1 is:

"For automatic styles, a name is generated during document export. If 
the document is exported several times, it cannot be assumed that the 
same name is generated each time."

This line describes a specific product's (StarOffice/OpenOffice) 
behaviour. In my opinion it should be rewritten as a specification. 
I.e.: For automatic styles, an application may generate the names during 
export... - implying that that behaviour is not allowed for common styles.

Best regards,

Søren Roug

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