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Subject: Re: odf 1.1 section 4.3

2008/7/28 Dave Pawson <dave.pawson@gmail.com>:
> "The numbering may be restarted with a specific numbering at each list item. "
> Unclear.
> Can numbering be restarted from 1...n, or only at 1 (implied by the
> word restart).
> Is it implied that some specific numbering is applied at each item
> when marked at each item?

> No statement as to the effect on subsequent list items? Is there any?

@text:start-value is the 'restart' value, decimal restarts
are resolved by the schema data type.
> What form of numbering is valid? Single integer? Decimal (1.3 etc).

I still find the para unclear.


Dave Pawson

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