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Subject: odf 1.1. Error reporting requirements.

For requirements that clearly apply to applications, there appears to
be no error reporting requirement.

E.g. 4.3.2
The numbering of the current list can be restarted at a certain
number. The text:start-value attribute is used to specify the number
with which to restart the list.

This attribute can only be applied to items in a list with a numbering
list style. It restarts the numbering of the list at the current item.

(Ignoring the badly worded 'can' statement for the time being -
assuming this to be a requirement).

Should this condition cause an error report or warning, since if a
list has a style other than a number style, the document
when loaded into an application, clearly is non-compliant with the spec.

Clarification please.


Dave Pawson

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