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Subject: Re: [office-comment] odf 1.1 dc:language value (unchanged as yetfor 1.2)

Hi Robert,

On Thursday, 2008-07-03 13:24:29 -0400, Robert Weir wrote:

> > I also dislike the word "similar" in standards.  Not identical?  What is
> > the difference?  If the DIS for ODF 1.2 contains this word in usual 
> > paragraphs, I will make sure that Japan will complain about it.
> Well, what would you recommend here?  This is a Dublin Core tag.  Dublin 
> Core (ISO 15836) does not require any specific encoding of the language. 
> All DC says of dc:language is:
> "A language of the resource.
> Comment:     Recommended best practice is to use a controlled vocabulary 
> such as RFC 4646 [RFC4646]."
> So simply stating "German" or "Deutsch" or "Allemand" would be equally 
> conformant, as would "de".

Actually "German", "Deutsch" or "Allemand" would not conform to RFC 4646.

I would like to draw further attention to the proposal "Language tags
according to RFC 4646",
which we agreed upon on 2007-03-12, see

The current phrasing

| The manner in which the language is represented is similar to the
| language tag described in [RFC3066]. It consists of a two or three
| letter Language Code taken from the ISO 639 standard optionally followed
| by a hyphen (-) and a two-letter Country Code taken from the ISO 3166
| standard.

will be changed to

The manner in which the language is represented is a language tag as
described in [RFC4646 (4646bis)].


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