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Subject: ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 01 -- Public review comments

The public review period of the ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 01 document 
concluded on Friday, August 22nd..  We are required under OASIS TC Process 
3.2 to take certain actions with respect to these comments, namely:

"The TC must acknowledge the receipt of each comment, track the comments 
received, and publish to its primary e-mail list the disposition of each 
comment at the end of the review period."


The following comments were received during the ODF 1.0 Approved Errata 01 
document public review period:

Dennis E. Hamilton:  
Sheldon Britton:  
Dave Pawson: 
Murata Mokoto: 
Murata Mokoto: 
Dennis E. Hamilton: 

This note constitutes acknowledgement of the receipt of these comments.

The ODF TC, in its 25 August meeting, agreed that it will produce an 
revised draft of this Errata document, addressing some of the comments 
received.  This draft will be sent for an additional 15 days public review 
of changes.  We will also produce a report indicating the disposition of 
all of the above comments.



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