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Subject: ODF documents not searchable with an external program


What is your opinion about the following:
I save a odt document with Open Office Writer.
After some time I am looking on my computer for a document. I do not 
know its name but I do know a fairly unique word in the document. So 
I use explorer (Windows) or something with grep or an equivalent 
(Linux) to find the documents containing the word. In that way I can 
find the document I am looking for.
Unfortunately documents made in ODF format are not included in the 
result from the search because the contents is not in the clear in 
the document.

When I open an odt document with notepad (Windows) or Leafpad (Linux) 
and all I see is garbage, in Office 95 format I can see and read the 
contents. I find this a very big, killing, disadvantage of the ODF!

In my case, after discovering this, to my disappointment, I am 
migrating back to Microsoft Office 95 and the Office 95 format (Open 
Office also makes much lager documents in Office 95 format as Office 
95 it self does (about 10 times for a document containing one 
character), a disadvantage of Open Office.

With kind regards,


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