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office-comment message

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Just noticed:
"Syntax: SUM( { NumberSequenceList N }+ )
Adds numbers (and only numbers) together (see the text on conversions)."

"6.2.4 Conversion to Number
If the expected type is Number, then if value is of type:
-Number, return it.
-Logical, return 0 if FALSE, 1 if TRUE."

That's easily interpretable as 'logical values are converted to numbers 
in SUM()', but Excel in the SUM help says:
"Empty cells, logical values, or text in the array or reference are 

=SUMPRODUCT(A1:A5; B1:B5>0) is often used in Calc, but doesn't work in 
Excel - Excel help does not document this in SUMPRODUCT, but presumably 
logic values are ignored, unless they are specifically converted. ODFF 
currently implies conversion always.


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