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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Comments on Errata 01 (Committee Draft 03)

> The "errata" has been approved by OASIS and I am not sure what process 
> is open for an errata on an errata document.

We had 30 days combined public review of the draft errata.  JTC1/SC34 was 
notified of these reviews and was invited to participate.  It would have 
been far preferable for any concerns regarding the draft errata to have 
been raised during these public review periods, not several weeks after 
approval of the draft.

At this point, considering the document has already been reviewed and 
approved, any further concerns will need to be addressed in future errata 
documents, per the normal OASIS procedure.  The TC is already working on a 
response to Murata-san's 2nd defect report.  Any remaining issues in the 
first defect report could easily be folded into a second errata document.

However, if you believe there is a production error causing a difference 
between the PDF and ODF versions of the Approved Errata, then we can solve 
that by simply designating the ODF version as the authoritative document 
per OASIS TC Policy 2.18.  We could do that by TC vote on Monday.


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