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Subject: Editorial comments OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-12.odt, chapter 1-8


A few editorial remarks on the latest draft

* Status, p2
- Missing closing ")" after the link to ...ipr.php
- "above guidance", shouldn't that read "additional guidance" ?

* Notices, p4
Hyperlink to ...trademark.php is not clickable

* Table of contents, p71
- (using OOo3): some page numbers at the end of the TOC aren't clickable
- there's something wrong with the numbering of the appendices: after
Appendix D (core features) the numbering is reset and the next one is (a
second) Appendix A

* 2.3 <office:meta> meta-data, p79
"See ref-manifest.rdf." should be a clickable reference (to 3.2.2 ?)

* 2.6 Cursor Position Setting, note1, p83
"the position where the text cursor was while...", perhaps "the position
of the text cursor" is easier to read
"could be also", perhaps "could also be" is easier to read

* 2.7 Office:scripts, p84
"some events are called after immediately...", it might be better to say
"some events are triggered" or "some event handlers/listeners can be

* 3.2.1 General, p87
" ref-rdfa:about, ref-rdfa:property, ref-rdfa:content, and
ref-rdfa:datatype." Should be clickable references

* odfElement, p88
"it's XML Namespace and it's XML local name" should read "its... its"

* 3.5.15 <dc:language>, p93
"from the ISO 639... from the ISO 3166", should both be clickable

* 4.5 <text:tracked-changes>, p102
"If the <text:traced-changes> element", typo, "k" missing so it should
read "..tracked-"

* 4.5.3 <text:insertion>, p102
"and the date of that change". Shouldn't this be "timestamp of that
change" ? Same remark for 4.5.4

* 5.1 Basic Text Content, p107
Bullet "annotation", make it plural "annotations", like "foot and end
notes" ? 

* 6.3.2 <text:date>, p119
"The <text:date> element represents a date field that displays the
current date. The date can be adjusted to display a date other than the
current date."
Probably better to align this to the text of 6.3.3 <text:time>, so it
should read:
"This element contains the presentation of the date field value,
depending on the data style specified. The default time is the current

* <text:sender-country>, p123
"represents the country of the address of a sender.", might be better to
specify "the name of the country..." (or is it a country code ?)

* 6.4.15 <text:text-input>, p130
"does not change the value of any variables" should read "...variable" ?

* 7.2.3 <text:index-title>, p150
"element is contains ..." remove "is"

* 7.8.2 <text:alphabetical-index-auto-mark-file>, p156
"The declaration element in an XLink," should this be "contains an
XLink" ?

* 8.1.4 <table:covered-table-cell> note, p164
"that spans multiple columns and roles." Should probably read "...and

* 8.4.2 <table:content-validations>, p171
"The  table:content-validations>", opening "<" is missing

* 8.6.1, General, p177
"...render portions of table invisible." should either read "portions of
tables" or "portions of a table" ?

* 8.6.5 <table:filter-condition>, p178
"ref-attribute-table:operator, ref-attribute-table:value,
ref-attribute-table:data-type, respectively" should be clickable
references, same remark for "ref-element-table:filter-set-item"

Best regards,


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