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Subject: Editorial comments OpenDocument-v1.2-draft7-12.odt, chapter 9-12


The second part of my editorial remarks on the latest draft.

* 9.4.1 General, p202
"applications should render ... that it supports", should read "they
support" (or "an application") 
"Application may preserve ", make it plural "An application" or plural
"Applications may..."

* <draw:object>, note, p204
"an image representation of the object be included", should perhaps read
"...is included.."

* <draw:applet>, p205
"element must contain ... attribute.", probably better to say " must
have either... attribute"

* General, p207
"can be one of the following shapes: Rectangular, Circular, Polygonal"
probably better to say "rectangle, circle, polygon" or "can be of.."

* 9.5.2 <dr3d:light>, p209
"A typical limitation are 8 lights per scene." Move this (and other
typical settings) to a new section in the non-normative appendix D Core
Feature sets ?

* 9.5.6 <dr3d:rotate>, p210
" a three-dimensional rotation shape based...", remove "shape"

* 11.2.2 <db:database-description>, p226
"...describes a concrete database resource...", remove "concrete" or
perhaps use "specific". Same remark for 11.2.3

* 11.2.4 <db:server-database>, p227
"connection information for to a server-based...", remove "to"

* 11.2.8 <db:login>, p228
"the information which are needed", should read "which is needed" or
shorten it to "the information needed"

* 11.4.4 <db:filter-statement>, p234
"SQL" should be a clickable reference

* 11.4.5 <db:update-table>, p234
"and an update is done on that tuple of rows." Easier to read if you
simply remove this last part of the phrase.

* 12.5.15 <form:radio>, p246
"a control which act like" should read "...acts like"

* 12.5.18 <form:hidden>, p247
"information not displayed to the user but that is submitted as part of
the form."
Easier to read is "information that is not displayed to the user, but
nevertheless submitted ..."

* 12.6 Event Listeners, p248
"Section ... contains guidelines" shows an error in OOo (Reference
source not found)

Best regards,


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