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Subject: 4.4.1 Section Attributes of ODF 1.0?

I do not understand

	Text indices, described in chapter 7, may be considered a special kind 
	of text section, as they share the same general structure as well as 
	certain attributes. These are combined in the following definition:

	<define name="text-section-attr" combine="interleave">
	<ref name="sectionAttr"/>

	The remaining attributes in this section are specific to the 
	<text:section> element. 

in 4.4.1 Section Attributes of ODF 1.0.

First, this schema fragment does not describe structures but rather 
describes attributes only.  So, "share the same general structure" 
appears to be incorrect.

Second,  text:style-name,text:name, text:protected, and  text:protection-key 
are apparently usable not only for <text:section> elements but also for 

	element text:index-title
	element text:table-of-content
	element text:illustration-index
	element text:table-index
	element text:object-index
	element text:user-index
	element text:alphabetical-index, and 
	element text:bibliography



MURATA Makoto (FAMILY Given) <EB2M-MRT@asahi-net.or.jp>

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