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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: EOMONTH function

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Hi David,

On Saturday, 2007-12-29 06:46:49 +0000, David King wrote:

> Syntax: EOMONTH( DateParam StartDate ; Number MonthAdd )
> Returns: Number
> If MonthAdd is to be a Number rather than an Integer, then shouldn't=20
> there be test cases showing MonthAdd=3D1.9 for example? Calc at least doe=
> not currently comply - it truncates MonthAdd. Actually my view would=20
> indeed be to define MonthAdd as being truncated to an integer.

Done for draft11. That's common application behavior.

> Should this function return a Number, rather than a Date? In fact Calc=20
> returns a Number, requiring manual reformatting by the user.

Return of Number was already done earlier, it seems.

> I hope my various comments on ODFF are seen as helpful - I've no wish to=
> impose. I've had no feedback (but of course it's the holdiday season) -=
> if mine is a useful and appropriate contribution would someone let me=20
> know?

Of course they are useful :-)  I think I already mentioned that earlier
somewhere else.


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