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Subject: Re: [office-comment] ODFF: list of suggestions

Hi Eike

Nice to hear from you

> > "as a percentage of the data set" - this phrase is surely 
> > meaningless - needs a rigorous description.
> Could you provide one?

Summary: Returns the percentage rank of a value in a sample.
Syntax:  PERCENTRANK( NumberSequenceList Data ; Number X [ ; 
Integer Significance = 3 ] )
Returns: Number
o COUNT(Data) > 0
o MIN(Data) <= X <= MAX(Data)
o INT(Significance) = Significance; Significance >= 1
o Data		is the array or range of data with numeric 
o X		is the value whose rank is to be determined. (***I 
removed/edited a bit here)
o Significance	is an  value that identifies the number of 
significant digits for the returned percentage value. If omitted, 
a value of 3 is used (0.xxx).

(***new bit)
For COUNT(Data) > 1, PERCENTRANK returns r / (COUNT(Data) -1), 
where r is the rank of X in Data. The rank of the lowest number 
in Data is 0, and of the next lowest number 1, and so on. If X is 
not in Data, it is assigned a fractional rank proportionately 
between the rank of the numbers on either side;  specifically, if  
X lies between Xa and Xb (Xa < X < Xb), where Xa has rank ra, the 
rank of X is calculated as ra + (X-Xa)/(Xb-Xa). In the special 
case where COUNT(Data) == 1, the only valid value for X is the 
single value in Data, in which case PERCENTRANK returns 1. 
Despite its name, PERCENTRANK returns a fraction between 0 and 1 
inclusive, rather than a percentage. 

Does that help? You'll need to subscript the suffixes for Xa, Xb, 
ra of course

I'll look at the other stuff later


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