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Subject: Requirement

Title: Requirement

Bart Hanssens




Remove form:control-implementation and form:properties, after
integrating required, missing functionality into ODF

In ODF 1.1 and 1.2cd1, form:form and form controls may have an
attribute "form:control-implementation"
In addition, applications may set specific form:properties.

Various implementations should be checked to see if they really
need specific properties/settings for form controls that are
currently not present in the normative ODF spec itself.

* As for removing form:control-implementation:

From 1.2cd1: "18.265 form:control-implementation
The form:control-implementation attribute specifies a specific
concrete rendition or implementation of a control that should
be instantiated. The value of this attribute is a namespaced

This hampers interoperability, and is probably of no use.

Implementations could use some setting in settings.xml for
setting application-specific renditions if they really want to.
Even that seems unnecessary. After all, I don't think settings
like "enable fancy anti-aliasing" are set on a per document
basis, but are stored inside some configuration file per user

* As for removing form:properties:

If implementations currently really need to set implementation-
specific properties for form controls, one should
- make a list of them (perhaps inside the OIC ? just a thought)
- clearly specify them in a implementation-neutral way
- integrate them into a normative section of the ODF-next spec

If form:properties is not to be completely removed, the spec
must at least mention that these properties cannot be used if
there's already an attribute or element available in the ODF
spec itself.
For instance: an application must use form:max-length instead of
using a implementation-specific form:property.

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