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Subject: <text:input> behaviour (ODF all versions)

Dear all,


The <text:text-input> element is a text input field.

There is far too much of this sketchy "the element x represents an x" style of documentation throughout the spec.

We need to know more:

* what an 'input field' is

* what happens to the 'input'

* how it is rendered/how it behaves

* how it interacts with other elements (<text:meta> for example).

The phrase "text input field" is used one another time in the spec (6.4.1). It is not explained there either, but we learn of these fields that "their functionality is closely related to that of the variable fields".

Casual like "closely related to" are completely inappropriate for normative text. This section should be re-written to contain a clear, testable description of the relationship between these features if the TC wants to define them in terms of each other.

- Alex.

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