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Subject: Basic Text Content (ODF all version)

Dear all,

5.1 has

Basic Text Content

Paragraph element children contain the text content of any document. All
the content contained in a paragraph element or its children is text
content, with the exceptions detailed below.

Note: This should significantly ease transformations into other formats,
since transformations may ignore any child elements of paragraph
elements and only process their text content, and still obtain the text
content of a document.

The opening paragraph is incorrect since a document's text content
occurs in other elements too (e.g. <text:h>) not mentioned in the
"exceptions below".

But what does "text content" mean here exactly? Clearly the content of
paragraphs is *not* text content, but mixed content. Or is 'text
content' being used in some undefined informal sense?

The note is nonsense -- any application which ignored the child elements
of paragraph elements would trash any non-trivial document, by ignoring
the content of (e.g.) span elements.

- Alex.

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