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Subject: Requirement Real SVG

Rick Jelliffe


+CATEGORY (select one or more from below)

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The current SVG-like drawing language impedes interoperability, because developers cannot use
generic SVG components to display, nor SVG editors to create documents. This limits ODF 
drawings to ODF-specific tools only.

SVG Tiny is the most common form of SVG, for example found on mobile phones.


My proposal is this:

0) The current drawing namespace should be retired.

1) Complete W3C SVG Tiny should be adopted with the correct namespace, such that SVG documents 
can be added in the most direct and simple way.

2) Any element, attribute or enumeration extensions that ODF provides should be provided 
in a different namespace. There should be a mapping (perhaps in open source code XSLT) 
between the extensions and their least-lossy standard W3C Tiny equivalents, for the benefit
of implementers. (In other words, where possible, extensions should be defined in objective
terms of SVG Tiny, not independent from it.)

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