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Subject: Presentation of literals (ODF all versions)

Dear all,

ODF is inconsistent in its presentation of literals (such as attribute

This is exemplified by where we have an attribute value
mentioned as "0" (i.e. the value is contained in curly quotation marks
and uses the prevailing typeface) and as 12/30/1899, 01/01/1900, and
01/01/1904 (here the values have no quotation marks but are set in a
mono-spaced typeface). 

Later, such values are run into the text with quotation marks or
typeface  differentiating then from the surrounding text (as in 18.917
mentioned in my last email to this list).

Such literal values need to presented in a consistent way.

My personal preference is to use straight quotation marks around all
such literals, as this corresponds with the quoting convention of XML
attributes ...

- Alex.

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