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Subject: @xhtml:datatype (ODF 1.2 CD01)

Dear all,

The @xhtml:datatype attribute (which occurs for example on <text:meta>)
is described in 18.912, which point us to 18.911. There we learn merely

"The xhtml:datatype attribute provides the data type of the RDF object."

There are some problems with this (apart from using 'provides'):

1. The notion of "data type" is never defined in ODF.

2. In all known XML data typing schemes, data typing is limited to
atomic values in text-only content; yet in ODF it can apply to mixed
content (through text-meta e.g.). I do not think this can work for any
known definition of the term "data type" -- what, for example is "the"
datatype of "2 red apples" ? And how do we express the datatype of
nested heterogeneous structures, or types-within-types -- these are
element/document types, not data types.

3. What is the repertoire of data types available in ODF? It is not
mentioned. Is it extensible? It should be (it is in RELAX NG).

- Alex.

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