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Subject: And yet more naughty words and phrases (ODF all versions)

More things that need to be looked at in normative text:

* "important" (e.g. "[t]his container relationship offers two important
advantages" 16.1)

* "needs to" esp. as personifying behaviour (e.g. "the text hidden
behind the images now needs to flow around the images" 19.173)

* "some" as a sole normative characteristic (e.g. "[t]he differentiation
between absolute and relative addressing is only necessary in some

* "brief" as a sole normative characteristic (e.g. "[t]he
<dc:description> element contains a brief description of a document" -- at what point does a description become not brief, thus
making the document non-conformant?!)

* "many" as sole normative characteristic (e.g. "[m]any objects such as
controls, images, text boxes, or an entire document support events"

* "such as" (e.g. "[c]ompound paths can be used for effects such as
holes in objects" 9.3.7) these could be notes or examples

- Alex.

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