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Subject: Greek Numbering Notation System -- Correction Requirement for ODF-Next

Polyvios J. Simopoulos


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The following is an issue that -- as far as I know -- commonly applies
to all computerized document handling implementations, be it standards,
software applications, document formats, ... whatever.

It is best summarized as follows (fragment of a bug report filed back in 2004,
at mozilla bugzilla):

  When an ordered list's items are numbered using the greek numbering
  notation system (greek alphabet letters), as per CSS2 (list-style:
  lower-greek), the letters are used (generated) sequentially, which
  is incorrect.

  As with the latin numbering notation, the Greeks developed a numbering
  notation system, by assigning letters of their alphabet to represent
  numbers. However, the letters of the greek alphabet, as was the case
  with the latin alphabet, were not sequentially assigned to numbers.


The complete bug report is at

I don't know whether this is relevant to ODF and/or OpenOffice.org, but this
seems to me very likely. Also, nobody seems to care much about it, while it's
been the source of great frustration and laborious -- although rather
unsuccessful -- workarounds for my part.

I am not a computer programmer by any stretch of imagination, therefore I have
not been (and will never be) able to provide an adequate coding solution, as
requested by the mozilla hackers. As a user, though, I can contribute the
knowledge that the greek numbering system (either lower- or uppercase) is
handled wrongly -- and how it should be handled.

Kindly, consider correcting this in the ODF version.

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