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Subject: odf12cd01, meta:creation-date and timezones

Title: odf12cd01, meta:creation-date and timezones

Like ODF 1.1, ODF 1.2cd01 indicates (or at least suggests) that the
datetime format for some predefined metadata elements (like,
meta:creation-date) doesn't allow for timezones:

"To conform with [xmlschema-2], the date and time format is

However, xsd:dateTime allows for an (optional) timezone, and 18.391
office:value-type doesn't mention a format, but simply refers to
[xmlschema-2] 3.2.7

So I suggest to align them, and allow timezones (and fractions of
seconds, for that matter) for the elements meta:creation-date, dc:date,
meta:print-date by simply referring to [xmlschema-2] 3.2.7

Since the timezone is optional anyway, this requires no changes for
existing applications.

Best regards,


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