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Subject: Re: [office-comment] Describing legacy information

Do you have a list of these settings?


"Wouter van Vugt" <wouter@code-counsel.net> wrote on 06/18/2009 08:41:48 
> Hi,
> The current version of the ODF specification currently does not 
> describe legacy settings. There are a variety of settings that Open 
> Office persists into the file which are not adequately defined 
> within ODF. While one may argue that these settings are specific to 
> Open Office, the existence of these settings hinder interoperability
> unless properly defined. Similar to how Open XML was improved 
> through full disclosure of legacy data, ODF would also improve when 
> doing the same. Instead of defining these settings directly in the 
> specification I propose to add a conformance clause mandating that 
> all settings are adequately described in whatever document we deem 
> fit for it. This is the only way to ensure that not only legacy 
> document created with Open Office can be handled in the future, but 
> those of all ODF implementing applications. The very least is a 
> requirement for Open Office to disclose the information being the 
> originator of the spec.

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