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Subject: ODF makes incorrect usage of Dublin Core properties

During my investigation of an ODF package I noticed that the creation date of the document is persisted as




Where other settings make use of Dublin Core properties, such as <dc:language>


Open XML also uses Dublin Core properties. A sample is:


<dcterms:created xsi:type="dcterms:W3CDTF">2009-06-14T21:20:00Z</dcterms:created>


The redefinition of properties to be ODF specific hinders implementations through requiring extra code for parsing.


ODF should require the usage of Dublin Core properties and eliminate every place where they could be used, but are not at this point in time.


There are further issues with ODF. The definition of the <dc:date> element is bothersome:


Note: The name of this element was chosen for compatibility with Dublin Core metadata. The dateTime type used does not correspond to the definition of this property in Dublin Core, where only a date (without time) is specified for the date property.


Does this mean that the <dc:date> element in ODF is not actually a Dublic Core metadata property? Why then the DC namespace prefix? When opening the referenced set of schemas you find:

Date may be used to express temporal information at any level of granularity.

Since any level of granularity would include time as well, there seems to be no clear reason for indicating that something does not correspond with the definition. It is unclear what the relations between all these elements are.


ODF should mandate the usage of Dublin core properties and eliminate the vague writing that occurs.



Best regards,


Wouter van Vugt
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