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Subject: [office-formula] Problems in evaluating MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS

Hello committee member,

I think, the description of MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS is not precise enough. 
In 6.13.9 you write "MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS executes the formula expression 
pointed to by FormulaCell and all formula expressions it depends on 
while replacing all references to RowCell with references to 
RowReplacement respectively all references to ColumnCell with references 
to ColumnReplacement."
Follow the example to see my problems.

Think of a sheet with the following content in column A [without (A1), 
(A1) 2
(A2) 3
(A3) =A1+A2
(A4) 30
(A6) 700

What is the shown value in A7?

Evaluating the MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS in A7 means to use the referenced 
formula from A5 and replace A2 there with A6 and remember to replace all 
A2 with A6 in its precedents.

So A7 is evaluated as if it contains the formula 
=MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS(A3;A6;A4) with additional remark to replace A2 with 
A6 in further evaluation.

This MULTIPLE.OPERATIONS(A3;A6;A4) now is evaluated using the referenced 
formula from A3 with replacing all A6 with A4 in the formula itself and 
all its precedents.

Looking at the referenced formula in A3 we see =A1+A2. We remember to 
replace A2 with A6 (from A7) and remember to replace A6 with A4 (from 
A5). But in what order?

First from A7, then from A5 results in the replacement =A1+A6 and then 
=A1+A4, and the final result 32.
First from A5, then from A7 results in the replacement =A1+A2 (no A6 no 
replacement) and then =A1+A6, and the final result 702.

I cannot determine from the spec, which is the correct result.

kind regards

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