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Subject: Re: [office-comment] embedding images in ODF

On Friday 19 June 2009 04:52:53 pm Wouter van Vugt wrote:
> Proposed changes:
> -          Demand that file names are not mangled when embedding into a
> package.
Opposed. The name is an opaque identifier, not intended for direct extraction. 
Prohibiting "mangling" will cause two non-identical files with the same name 
(e.g. from different directories) to be prohibited by the application (or in 
the brain-dead case, second entry gets added and cause unexpected behaviour).

> -          Demand that media-types be specified whenever possible (WMF
> is surely possible)
Opposed. Not required - applications can figure out what the correct handling 
is from normal auto-detection (consider that graphics work already). Why make 
it more complex when not necessary? 

I could live with MIME type being included as an optional parameter.


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